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Nigeria leads the growth of cryptocurrencies in Africa
Nigeria leads the growth of cyptocurrencies in africa

Nigeria: an unexpected journey

Alongside the development of the App from the inside, Linework has developed several activities among local communities around the world. Both in Nigeria and El Salvador, Linework App has spreaded, accompanied by non-profit initiatives, such as free food distribution and providing discounts on medicines. 

In the previous article dedicated to Nigeria, the most densely populated nation in Africa, carrying great fervor tied to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology in general, we have analysed the reasons that have led to the creation of such a user base and the actions undertaken by Linework in Benin City.In March 2023, Linework started its journey to share free food and awareness about economic freedom and the possibities offered by Linework Ecosystem in the major places around the Ugbowo-Isihor axis of Benin City (Nigeria). Offering food to local communities and building people’s awareness about the control on their lives has been a great important milestone, especially in a very difficult political and sanitary moment such as today’s socio-economic situation.

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