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Meet Spiral. The Social Media 2.0

Innovative Social Media: The Spiral Difference

Spiral is at the forefront of innovative social network, breaking new ground with its unique features and user-centric design. This platform isn’t just part of the social media evolution; it’s redefining it, introducing novel ways for users to interact, engage, and connect in the digital realm.

Spiral prioritizes empowering its users, championing freedom of expression while maintaining a high level of integrity and respect. This platform is a sanctuary for free speech, encouraging diverse perspectives and fostering a culture of open, honest communication.


Explore Spiral. Enjoy personal freedom.

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Free communication

Linework means freedom of speech and expression. In Spiral you can find a safe and free space to share your thoughts.

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Geographical location

You can target your audience and share your contents and product with specific geographical areas, no matter global location.

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Messaging features

Private messages, groups, archives. The ultimate feature to meet your community. Messages are encrypted, private and secure.

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Don't miss a thing with Spiral notification. New likes, new comments, new followers - you have the power to manage your feed and community.

Revolutionizing Messaging with Spiral

Spiral takes online messaging to new heights, offering innovative communication features that make staying in touch both effortless and meaningful. Whether it’s through individual messages or group chats, Spiral is the Social Network that ensures that every interaction is personal, secure, and enriching. You can connect with sellers from Bloop and artists from NFT Marketplace to make the Ecosystem complete and secure your shopping, whether it is for products, services or digital art.

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Chatting with the freedom to express yourself

Spiral is the Social Network designed to empower individuals and businesses to create their own communities. With Spiral, users can easily build and manage online groups that are focused on a particular industry, interest, or cause. These communities provide a place for members to connect with one another, share knowledge and insights, and offer support and encouragement.

Join over a million people

Be a part of the creation of true value through Linework’s innovative products. Join the consolidated and integrated platform that allows users’ world to be visible on several marketplaces which gives global recognition to their pieces of art.