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The new vision of Online shopping with Crypto

Linework – The Future of Online Commerce! Linework “Bloop” is the marketplace without limits: manage community, shipping, and C2C/B2C sales without obstacles. With low commissions and total control, we put the power in your hands. Discover extraordinary products sold by individuals and companies, connect, and do business in a digital environment. Use digital assets to buy and sell in an innovative and convenient way. Bloop is the future of the marketplace, turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth. Enter a world of unlimited possibilities at Linework. Join us today – Bloop!
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Easily manage and grow your business

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Completed dashboard

Detailed view of your stores, including your sales and orders, helping you better run your business.

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Inventory tracking

Bloop inventory is synched across all your stores at all times, in real time. Optimize inventory levels and reduce costs.

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Marketing made simple

Cost per click (CPC) is an advertising model used by marketers to drive traffic to their websites.

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Keep track of your business through analysis and measure the effectiveness of your marketing and sales campaigns

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Shipping rates

Reach your customers and manage your shipping through Linework internal shipping service or use your own.

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Multi store option

No limits to your business. Open as many stores as you wish. Manage them all with a single profile.

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Simplify your workflow, send your orders faster and cheaper

No need to look any further Linework creates a full marketplace without bonds, obligations, or management fees with the possibility of handling communities and shipping management, where users can find all the products available sold C2C / B2C. Linework offers its users the opportunity to sell products and services for lowpriced commissions. Also, each user has total control in buying and selling items on the App, which allows sellings and purchasings of items.

Promote and sell your products on your store

Promoting means selling. With your products and your platform, you now only need an amplifier to make your business stand out. Bloop gives you the tool to boost your sales, including CPC (Cost Per Click). Start for free and discover your path to success! Find all promotional profiles within the Linework App.

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Join over a million people

Be a part of the creation of true value through Linework’s innovative products. Join the consolidated and integrated platform that allows users’ world to be visible on several marketplaces which gives global recognition to their pieces of art.