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Interest in crypto sector grows in Italy 

Interest in crypto sector grows in italy

n Italy, around 1.4 million people (over 2% of the population) hold cryptocurrencies. The adoption index sees an important improvement (from 79th place to 51st place) even though the differences in usage between men and women are not so evident (57% vs. 43%).

Linework goes to Nigeria

Linework goes to nigeria

Live from Benin City (Nigeria). Linework has arrived in the beating heart of Nigeria in March 25th-26th. During the first day, Linework organized a rally in the major places around Ugbowo – Isihor axis of Benin City, breathing the true spirit of the country and meeting a part of our community. Linework has offered food […]

Cryptocurrencies are growing in India

Cryptocurrencies are growing in india

The growing popularity of digital payments combined with the push by the government toward a cashless economy is driving the growth of cryptocurrencies in India

European crypto startups raised a record $5.7 billion in Venture Capital funding

Linework crypto winter

The crypto winter hit hardly the markets and now the prices in the sector are recovering after metabolising the FTX scandal. But the climatic arrival of spring seems to be matched by price growth with Bitcoin rising by 20% in March, suggesting that the worst is behind us. But the previous year’s negative results have […]