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Welcome to Linework Pay

Welcome to Linework Pay

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Linework Pay revolutionize the way you make transactions with crypto in shops. Here, you have the power to use your preferred cryptocurrency directly from your internal wallet, streamlining the transaction process like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the digital currency world, Linework ensures a smooth and intuitive payment experience.

Say goodbye to concerns about data breaches or third-party interference – with Linework Pay, your financial transactions remain entirely private. Experience the future of commerce – where convenience, security, and anonymity converge to revolutionize the way you shop with cryptocurrency.


Linework Pay revolutionize the way you make transactions with crypto in shops.

With Linework you can pay directly with your internal wallet using your favorite cryptocurrency. This method of payment is secure and anonymous, as transactions are recorded.

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Accept Linework Pay in your store!

Linework Pay is a new payment platform that allows sellers to accept and process payments from customers securely and quickly. It provides a simple interface that allows sellers to simplify the payment process, reduce transaction fees, and provide a reliable payment experience for customers. 
Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store, have a mobile business or you are a freelancer, Linework has the perfect solution for your business.

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Pay your purchase in a flash!

From now on you can accept payment in your store with Linework! Whatever your business, start saving and ensuring your payment by receiving money from your clients with Linework Pay. Quick, safe and instant payments directly in your internal wallet of Linework App. Get your cryptocurrencies and directly spend them in your favorite stores!

linework pay is safe

It's safe

Linework Pay system protects the data of its users and merchants through constant monitoring by our team.

linework pay is fast

It's fast

Receive instantly your payments thanks to Linework Pay hot wallet and keep track of your transactions.

linework pay is easy

It's easy

Find the support you need inside the Help Center and come into contact with our team for any inquiry.

linework pay is flexible

It's flexible

All you need is your phone and an Internet connection. Accept multiple digital assets from your clients.

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Start making payments instantly

With Linework Pay, you can complete your purchase in partner shops in complete safety, immediately and without using a credit card. Enjoy your shopping! Pay in a few simple taps from your smartphone.

An Internet connection and a phone is all you need to make (and receive transaction) with Linework Pay. Download Linework App from Google Play (for Android devices) or AppStore (for iOS devices) and create your profile. That’s all!  

Download the brochure about Linework Pay and discover all you need to start!

Download Linework Kit to fully customise your brick-and-mortar store and e-commerce and start accepting Linework Pay as payment method.

Want to know more about deliveries? Download the deliveries brochure and get in touch with us!

Download the brochure about Linework Pay and discover all you need to start!