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Linework Coin (LWC) What is it?

Linework coin

The Linework Coin (LWC) is an ERC-20 protocol-based token (ERC20 tokens are virtual assets running on the Ethereum blockchain)and is positioned as a payment token to be used for every transaction on the Linework App

What is a crypto wallet?

What is a crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is your first step before entering the cryptocurrency world. It is a crypto piggy bank for your cryptocurrency that allows you to manage your crypto portfolio.

What are NFT’s?

What are nft

After more than 3 years of growth, the NFTs ecosystem has expanded through many diverse pieces and a digital environment to trade, with Linework being part of it. Linework\’s objective is to support the digital art community with the Linework App, where your NFTs are safe, secured, and seen from wherever you are. But what are NFT’s, and […]