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What is a crypto wallet?
What is a crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is your first step before entering the cryptocurrency world. It is a crypto piggy bank for your cryptocurrency that allows you to manage your crypto portfolio.

There is plenty of choices

  • MetaMask
  • com
  • Binance
  • e-Toro

…and many others!

Regardless of the type of crypto wallet you choose, you are assigned a public address on a blockchain as well as a private key: a unique key which is used to “sign” your transactions.

Whenever you buy, spend, sell or transfer your crypto, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain ledger and your address is exposed to everyone.

If you already have your crypto wallet, discover our Linework Coin (LWC): an ERC-20 protocol-based token that is positioned as a payment token to be used for every transaction on the Linework App.

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