Linework Token.

The Linework Coin (LWC) is therefore positioned as a payment token, to be used on the Progressive Web App, to be spent and bought through the App or the DEX/CEX exchange.

The Linework Coin is an ERC-20 protocol-based token. Linework Corporation has done all the compliance procedures according to Etherscan to be certified on the blockchain. Currently, Linework Coin is identified by the company’s Logo and Company profile on Etherscan and reachable by digitizing the ticker name “LWC” on the search bar of Using the first time the Linework Progressive Web App is free. However, before using trading and NFT’s functions, the user must buy a LWC package to pay fees on the platform depending on the country the Web App is used.


Cryptocurrencies are expected to gradually become a style of life, but the technology is still in its infancy: there are many barriers to break. Unlike Bitcoin, Linework positions itself as a major blockchain player in the world of process virtualization globally in terms of decentralized communication, through its social network and App. Despite the name, the Linework Coin is currently a Payment Token that will be used as a payment coin

through the platforms and services provided by Linework Business units: the latter is a set of digital information within a blockchain, which is given to a specific subject. Tokenization is therefore the conversion of the rights of an asset (corporate content) into a digital token registered on a block- chain. Linework Coin was created and designed for a very specific purpose, being the spinal cord of the Progres- sive Web App.

Token Insights.

  • Token Name:
    Linework Coin
  • Thicker Name:
  • Protocol:
  • Accepted Markets:
  • Maximum Supply:
    21,000,000 tokens
  • ICO End Date:
    xx xxxx 20xx
  • Launch Price:
    xxxxxx ETH