The LWC’s

What is Linework Coin?

LWC is an access token, that has been designed for a very specific purpose. Actually, LWC is the official Token of Linework, a social network based on the decentralized technology of the blockchain.

But, first of all, Linework is a revolution: it gives you access to the global community of its social network in an immediate, transversal way and without the restriction of terrestrial borders. And not only that: Linework gives you access to international visibility because it believes that the people you already know in life are not necessarily your customers of tomorrow or those who will allow you to put your business together. Linework opens the doors of the world and world business to you, free and without limits thanks to LWC.

Linework was founded in May 2020 in France and has opened its Italian headquarters in June 2021. LWC was launched on in July 2020 and it was rated 12 $.

Today, we are proud to announce that LWC is also exchangeable on Ethereum since September 6, 2021. On this platform, the value of LWC is 0,090 ETH, par to 353.03 $.

Noel Damien Foti (Founder & CEO) said:

“ We are very happy to announce that from Monday 6 September 2021 LWC will also be on Ethereum. It is an important step for the growth of our company and our business. We are already successfully presenting on and this further step demonstrate the solidity of the project and the great interest of the Blockchain and Crypto Economy’s Institution “.


Announcing the ETH Token (LWC) Launch — Bittrex Global

The linework is proud to inform you that, according to a China Partnership, is going to quote its own Token on the Bittrex Global Exchange ( Bittrex is the 12th most important exchange in the world (source. Coingecko). This choice was made to guarantee the success of the Market Cap and growth of Linework Social Network everywhere in the world with a major expansion in Asia and Pacific Area.

The Important Steps & Distribution Breakdown to memorize :

Targeting $24M for 50% of the total supply of LWC.
Mandatory registration period September 6th — 21st November 2021.
The launch begins on September 7.
Pre-sale or reservation agreements authorized
We are excited to announce the date and details of the LWC token launch. Purchasers will be required to go through a Linework’s Official ICO Profile access after the duly registration process that will take place from September 6th. Registered purchasers will then be able to participate in the token launch starting September 7th. Detailed registration and purchase instructions will be released in Linework’s Official Profile.

To learn more about the technical aspects of LWC protocol and the role of LWC within the network, see our ICO Profile. Alternatively, watch the technical overview presentation that I recently gave on’s official website.

Technology First

Noel Damien Foti (Founder & CEO) said:

I dropped everything to begin working on ETH protocol back in October 2020 and have since built out an exceptional team. We are a collection of builders and technologists that are laser-focused on developing the infrastructure needed to bring the benefits of decentralization to the global financial system. While Ethereum has seen an explosion of interest over the past few months, our team will continue to take a long-term view of this important technology and honor our commitment to the community.

Consistently Shipping

Not only will ETH protocol be live on the Ethereum main net prior to our token launch, but we will also be using ETH protocol for our token launch. That’s right, we will distribute LWC using our fully functional and thoroughly audited smart contracts running on the Ethereum main net. One of our team’s core values is to consistently ship useful tools and products. No amount of marketing can substitute for tangible results and over the past year, our team has been working hard to build tools that make ETH protocol useful and accessible for both end-users and developers.

ETH OTC is a web application that allows users to trade ERC20 tokens directly on the Ethereum blockchain using the ETH protocol. We envision ETH OTC facilitating private over-the-counter trades between known counterparties. Behind the scenes, our smart contracts are running on the Kovan test network; try it out today.
ETH.js is a javascript library that simplifies the process of building a web application on top of ETH protocol. With ETH.js, you don’t need to be a Solidity expert to interact with the ETH smart contracts, generate orders or execute trades.
Financial Responsibility
The total purchase cap for the LWC token launch will be set to $24M. We arrived at this number after formalizing our development roadmap and estimating the total costs involved in scaling our team and operating at full size for the next 5 years. 100% of the capital raised in the token launch will be used to develop free and open-source software, tools, and infrastructure that support ETH protocol and the surrounding ecosystem.

Inclusive Community = Healthy Ecosystem

Individual purchases will be capped to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be a part of the ETH community from the beginning, not just whales. We believe that by widely distributing LWC, we can foster a healthy community of developers and early adopters that will return more value to our ecosystem over time by building applications, contributing code, or evangelizing the technical merits of ETH protocol to future adopters. Each one of these “activist holders” is purchasing tokens with an information edge: they have knowledge of their own future contributions to the ecosystem. Details regarding our Sybil-resistant registration process will be released at a later time.

Token Launch (50%)

LWC is inherently a governance token that plays a critical role in the process of upgrading the ETH protocol. We are fully committed to formulating a functional and theoretically sound governance model and we plan to dedicate significant resources to R&D; we will provide greater clarity on the subject of governance in a future post.

Retained by ETH Org (15%)

Retained LWC tokens will be used to incentivize future team members via token compensation packages as well as to sustain the operations of the ETH core development organization beyond the first five years. These assets will be used to support development at the protocol layer.

External Development Fund (15%)

The External Development Fund will be used to make targeted capital injections into high potential projects and teams that are attempting to grow the ETH ecosystem, strategic partnerships, hackathon prizes, and community development activities. These assets will be used to support development at the application layer.

Founding Team (10%)

The founding team’s allocation of LWC will vest over a traditional 4-year vesting schedule with a one-year cliff. We believe this should be standard practice for any team that is committed to making their project a long-term success.

Early Backers & Advisors (10%)

Our backers and advisors have provided capital, resources, and guidance that have allowed us to fill out our team set up a robust legal entity, and build a fully functional product before launching a token. As a result, we have a proven track record and can offer a token that holds genuine utility.

Upcoming AMA

We will be fielding a TELEGRAM in our Telegram channel on (September 7th) at 10 am to answer questions about the LWC token launch, ETH protocol, and whatever else you are interested in discussing. Make sure not to miss forthcoming announcements by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

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