Security Token Offering.

A Security Token Offering (STO) is is a digital token supported by blockchain technology that represents a stake in an asset. For stocks, ownership information is entered into a document as an official certificate of ownership. For security tokens, similar information is recorded, the major difference being that it is recorded on the blockchain and represented by a token.

Tokenization is an emerging trend consisting of representing the ownership or rights to ownership on a distributed ledger. It provides a solution to a long list of challenges present in the core of traditional investments, which is why it unsurprisingly has gained a lot of attention in recent years.

Tokenization, among other things, allows for automation of middlemen processes, increased liquidity, lowered barriers to investment, and improved transparency. Due to these attributes, tokenization has been hailed as the beacon of future investment.

Features .

The STO Team supports and provides turn-key solutions linked to the offering of Digital Securities. These securities can represent an underlying real asset such as stocks, bonds, property titles, etc., and are a cost-effective solution to raise capital and grant immediate liquidity on secondary markets for investors.

These contracts are legally binding and enforced. Smart Contracts can adapt to a variety of clauses (e.g. drag-along, preferred dividends, different voting rights, etc.) effectively replacing IPOs, bond issuing, or notarized agreements between private parties for Companies, Real Estate Developers, and PE/VC Funds.
Linework gives you the freedom to invest in capital solutions or realize your project, with Security Token Offering, raising capital and granting immediate liquidity, and making your dreams come true.