Progressive Web App.

PWA Prep

• A powerful digital tool with true popular democracy and where economically weak users could create value and utilize their crypto wallet for developing art or sustainable projects or for financing educational projects in poor areas in order to promote their ideas to the entire world through the blockchain and onto the regulated and authorized the second market.

• A tool also designed to promote our services in crypto banking and crypto asset management through the Capital Solution & Personal Services business Unit. All members can sell/buy freely, charging only after the transition has taken place as the relative commission is set in the programming code. All users can trade with Credit Cards, Crypto Assets, wire transfers, and direct banking through our partnership with a centralized exchange and FIAT gateway.

• A portal to relaunch small businesses, which cannot afford the costs of advertising on other platforms, creating their own store in the dedicated section. Hence, this Market Place created by Linework will open the doors of the world and of worldwide business, free and without limits, all thanks to the LWC.

• A Social Network that will allow anyone to create useful and powerful communities to grow a user’s own business. Each user will automatically be controlled by KYC/AML procedure and to implement the protection of the users, all the posts and suspicious users will be blocked from the social network & communities through a Hybrid Algorithm of “image & text moderation” with “callback URL “to instantly verify content including Drugs / Minors / Weapons / Cyberbullying / Racial Hate / Revenge Porn.

Linework_whitepaper_22.03.22 (NEW)PNG

The native PWA (Progressive Web App) created & imagined by Linework was designed to respect simple but decisive features.

• A 360-degree user experience including a polymorphic social network whose UI/ UX is adapted according to user preference (as Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn) to get the usual interface for users and connect all the features of each user from all networks managed by a single user. The technology-based is SSO (Single Sign-On) that allows users to use all the fea- tures and crypto-asset banking with a unique and KYC/AML accredited profile.