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The Linework App
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The Linework App is available now!

Linework, the leading Italian fintech firm that specializes in blockchain-based DeFi and NFT solutions, has unveiled its new proprietary platform – the Linework App!.

In the Linework App you can manage a vast range of features and services, and find an immersive, fully customizable experience that covers 360 degrees.

This whole ecosystem moves around the Token of Governance , the Linework Coin (LWC) which is the actual backbone that makes it sustainable.

What can you find in the Linework App?

  • Here, you can Manage, purchase, and sell their NFTs, crypto assets, and entire digital wallets through a highly intuitive and functional interface.
  • Additionally, the social network is a standout feature of the application, allowing users to interact with each other and connect their Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. This feature is set to become increasingly important as the adoption of digital assets continues to gain momentum across various industries.
  • The banking section is where you can manage crypto assets, all members can sell/buy/ freely, being charged only after the transition has taken place, as the relative commission set in the programming code. All users can trade with credit cards, crypto assets, wire transfer and direct banking through our partnership with a centralized exchange and FIAT gateaway. There is also a section dedicated to STO s
  • The Marketplace  where anyone can buy and sell products and services, is a portal to relaunch small businesses, wich cannot afford huge costs associated with advertising on other platforms by creating their own store in the dedicated section. It will give  more opportunities to grow their business, free, without limits. Linework offers special rates for common goods, such as Gift Cards and Rechargeable Cards
  •  Linework provides an Internal wallet that allows the users to manage digital assets , including transfers, purchases, deposits, etc. Using the Internal Wallet provided by Linework, there will be no gas fees to mint, buy and sell NFTs in the Linework app
  • Send private direct messages to everyone in the ecosystem

 With its launch, Linework has cemented its position as a leading player in the global blockchain space, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the evolving needs of investors and businesses in the digital age.

Download our app today and discover a whole new world of possibilities!

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