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Linework’s fight against women’s violence
linework's fight against women's violence

Linework’s fight against women’s violence!

Here’s what Press told about us  on the occasion of the Giornata Internazionale per l\’eliminazione della violenza contro le donne ( International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), which took place on November 29th, 2022, many initiatives were organized throughout Italy to raise awareness about this serious social issue. Although we live in an era where information and self-awareness should be commonplace, violence against women continues to be a plague that shows no signs of stopping.

During the soccer match between Frosinone and Cagliari last weekend, the President of the National Professional Football League B, Mauro Balata, presented Giulia Panero with one of the special soccer balls dedicated to this Day. This choice was driven by the fact that Giulia Panero was recently appointed as General Manager of Linework S.R.L., a leading company in the financial and technology sector that is constantly committed to creating a system that is gainst women’s violence ad promotes the expression and self-determination of victims of oppression and abuse, particularly women. Linework\’s fight against women\’s violence and aganist women\’s discrimination is always present in our values.

Giulia Panero, expressed her pride in being part of a group that values the professionalism of women and in being awarded by President Balata. She also expressed her hope that the culture of respect will always prevail over abuse, of any kind.

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