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Linework in Dealflower website
Linework in dealflower website

We are delighted to read about Linework in Dealflower website,a digital economic-financial magazine and Web TV, launched in 2021, which aims to tell the world of business in an innovative way, through news and interviews, events, social content and data journalism tools.

Here is what the article says about Linework in Dealflower website:

Linework launches its token on the market

Linework is a financial and technological company that develops innovative and digital solutions based on blockchain technology, providing cryptocurrency services through a global application. It has launched its token on the market: Linework Coin, LWC!

LWC, based on the Erc-20 protocol and accessible on the etherscan blockchain, is officially listed on the TokenLite platform and enters the initial coin offering (Ico) phase to strengthen the position of crypto bank started more than two years ago. Nowadays, the pre-sales have allowed for a raise of up to 1.4 million US dollars, and the Ico phase is taking place on multiple countries like Nigeria, Vietnam, Korea, India, and Italy with Milan in the initial marketplace.

The Ico market cap set for this first phase is 7 million US dollars until June 20, 2022, so the final version of the Linework application – whose co-founder and CEO is Noel Damien Foti – will be released with complete services in the metaverse and digital crypto management based on our three products: nft, sto, LWC.

“The LWC will serve for using the app to publish NFTs and pay for transactions performed by the platform. It will be listed on Binance and Bittrex Global after the Ico, and therefore exchangeable on most of the liquid cryptocurrencies in the market,” explains Foti.

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