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Linework: Innovate crypto
LInework innovate crypto
FrankTech, the first Italian merchant on Bloop by Linework Inc.

Has the crypto revolution also reached Italy?

In an era where the digital is redefining the boundaries of what is possible, a new chapter is opening in the world of e-commerce thanks to Bloop, an innovative marketplace usable only through digital assets for the trade of goods and services, integrated within the Linework App. Bloop is the flagship product of the App developed by Linework, a company operating globally with offices in Italy, El Salvador, and the United States, reaching users in over 50 countries. Bloop stands out for its ability to offer sellers direct access to a global market, with advanced advertising systems and geolocation features, giving them the opportunity to reach the desired audience anywhere in the world. This platform not only expands sales opportunities but also allows greater customization in business strategies, adapting them to the needs and preferences of consumers in different geographical areas. For buyers, Bloop represents a unique opportunity to access a vast global market, divided into well-defined categories, with the convenience and security of transactions in digital assets. This aspect not only provides tangible value to such assets in the context of daily needs but also opens new frontiers in how we perceive and use digital currencies.

Prima di iniziare ci racconti un po’ di lei. Cosa offre come servizio o prodotto?

My name is Francesco Aiello, I was born in Cosenza, but I have been living in the wonderful Salerno for over 10 years now. My profession (and above all, my passion) is as an IT technician, hardware and software tester for online service vending machines throughout the national territory. I collaborate with a company as an IT consultant, providing installation assistance and working on cutting-edge projects for customer service. Always driven by a passion for technology, I offer customer services such as consulting with dedicated IT solutions, continuous research for ultra-tech products, assistance, PC and notebook upgrades, and solutions for families for their children's first steps into the world of technology and PC knowledge.

For how long have you been selling on Bloop and following Linework?

I have been following Linework for three years now, thanks to my family. My brother-in-law explained everything to me in detail, and I also learned from long-time family friends I met when I moved here to Salerno. I witnessed the birth and growth of the Bloop project, understanding its ease of use beyond product insertion, but especially appreciating the fundamental vision that allows each person to expand their ideas and services.

What motivated you to start selling on Bloop?

Succeeding in something important, building something personal, and, why not, leaving it for the future of my children. I left eBay and Amazon because I have always been convinced that they cannot be helpful for the 'small' ones (let's call them that), start-ups, or companies trying to make a profit, or embark on a path that could eventually become a real job in the future.

What was your first impression of the Bloop marketplace?

My first thought was linked to the then materialized idea of a real innovative online multi-store that would allow the union of many people and many different markets.

What are your plans or future goals as a seller on Bloop?

Definitely reaching a target audience with dedication, gradually growing with the services offered, helping many families who may, in today's high-tech world, need assistance, making myself useful for this as well. I reconnect to the initial thought: building something I can leave to my children, the future.

Can you give advice for someone, like you, who practices a profession that is now challenging in Italy in terms of expansion and reaching the public?

Continue your professional journey and integrate something more, make society aware of your experiences and offerings because dialogue today is crucial to pursuing dreams and turning them into reality. Only through a communication group like Linework with Bloop and Spiral can one aim to improve and, why not, improve our way of working. The opportunity to express your passion and present it to more people, not necessarily close geographically and socially, creates a new path to follow and explore.

The importance of deeply Italian roots.

“We are proud to have made the growth and autonomy of multilateral businesses possible, essential for the growth of Italy and the world without borders and at zero cost, giving everyone the opportunity to create, generate profits, and communicate transnationally to merchants who can now buy raw materials or sell their products enjoying a powerful and now inexplicable digital ‘parallel’ market. All this has been made possible by the structuring of our group on an international scale, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of lawyer Stefania Monda from New York (of Neapolitan origin), whom we particularly thank, and a team involved at the highest level from Montecorvino Rovella (SA),” states Noel Damien Foti, President of the Linework Group. It is clear how Bloop is not only a revolutionary marketplace but also a bridge that connects Italian commercial traditions with the global digital future. While Bloop opens the doors to a boundless market, its deeply Italian roots remain a strength and a constant reminder of the company’s origins. It is this unique fusion of global ambition and local heritage that makes Bloop such an extraordinary platform. The participation of this first Italian merchant on Bloop emphasizes not only the innovative scope of the platform but also its commitment to enhance and support small and medium-sized enterprises in our country. These businesses, representing the beating heart of the Italian economy, now have the opportunity to expand well beyond national borders while maintaining their unique characteristics and authenticity that distinguish them. Bloop thus emerges as a fundamental tool for Italian and international businesses wishing to explore new commercial horizons, offering them an unprecedented global showcase. It maintains an unbreakable bond with Italian traditions and values, demonstrating that technological innovation and respect for historical roots can coexist and strengthen each other through a growth engine and crucial ally, as Bloop is shaping up to be.”

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