How to buy a Gift Card?

Using the shop store is easy ! just follow these steps :

1. go to main page

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2. go to shop store

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3. Select your Gift card

You can clic on the cart visible when you drag on the card to add you selection on your cart. To get access to your selection and purchase the product, you have to go on the cart page, and checkout.

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To reach the checkout page you can select on the main menu “Checkout” and finalize the purchase procedure. You can pay with ApplePay, GooglePay or many other payment method.

4. Proceed with payment

You can directly proceed with payment through an existing PayPal account or without account via Credit Card,

Or you can go into the checkout page and pay with the payment method of your choice. In this case, you must fill up all the required data before placing order.

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However, if you don’t want to checkout immediately, you can continue your shopping and go back to the store clicking on the “continue to shopping” button.

If you have a PayPal account, you also can pay in 3 rates directly from your account and pay your order in 3 rates. You can instantly list the accepted stores on the shop page clicking on the red button “Accepted Stores” which redirect you to the gift card provider.

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