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Bank | Your internal crypto wallet

LWC | A coin with purpose, weaving innovation into every facet of your digital journey.

Linework App provides an easy and user-friendly access to Web 3.0 with its internal crypto wallet. The socio-economic importance of the Ecosystem and the innovative value of the App are fundamental, which increase the interest linked to the Smart Contract technology on a daily basis, resulting in greater traffic and consequent market volume. At the heart of the Linework Ecosystem is the transformative Linework Coin (LWC), a digital asset designed to enhance and streamline your digital transactions.

bank internal wallet

Linework Coin (LWC) - Redefining Digital Transactions with a Purpose

A Versatile Digital Currency: As the native governance Token of Linework, LWC serves as more than just a speculation medium. Its versatility shines through in every aspect of the ecosystem, providing users with a seamless and efficient means to engage in various digital activities.

Bloop Marketplace

Buy, sell, and transact effortlessly with LWC.

Spiral social network

Express yourself freely in a vibrant community.

NFT Marketplace

Dive into digital collectibles securely with LWC.

Bank section

Manage assets, trade, and accumulate LWC securely

The universal way to manage your crypto globally

Linework Bank provide a groundbreaking financial service through its internal wallet that enables users to manage crypto internationally with ease. It simplifies transactions that are otherwise complicated and expensive while maximizing security and efficiency. 

Users can use Linework internal wallet to transfer money instantly, pay for goods and services through Bloop Marketplace, or even art with NFT Marketplace and buy or sell cryptocurrency.

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Linework internal wallet, a visionary force reshaping the landscape of digital transactions.

bank internal wallet


One single wallet to safeguard all your digital assets. Store and manage them, check your daily balance.


Integration to purchase your favorite crypto. ETH and USDT are on your fingertips inside the dedicated section.

bank trading crypto


Buy, sell, trade, create value. With a user-friendly interface, you are ready to trade your crypto currencies.

crypto wallet transactions


All your pay-ins and pay-outs within your internal wallet and to external wallets are always visible in transaction history.

Believe in an open world without limits

A world without borders means that people from all over the globe have easy and equal access to financial resources, investments, and opportunities. Instead of being restricted by their nationality or geographical location, individuals and businesses can freely exchange crypto in any part of the world with Linework internal wallet. This would ultimately lead to a more inclusive, diverse, and dynamic economy that benefits everyone.

Join over a million people

Be a part of the creation of true value through Linework’s innovative products. Join the consolidated and integrated platform that allows users’ world to be visible on several marketplaces which gives global recognition to their pieces of art.