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El Salvador and the new outer reach of technology
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The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has made a clear commitment to innovation and technological production to take El Salvador to new levels of competitiveness and the Linework project falls within a clear and effective bill to guarantee economic freedom, financial sovereignty, resistance to censorship and non-confiscatable wealth.

Today Linework and the Nation of El Salvador are closer than ever. A high-level technological bridge is under construction and here in Linework we are ready to cross it.

“As Linework, we want to work hand in hand with the government of the President. We have seen what El Salvador has accomplished and we are willing to work together for the creation of mutual opportunities on a technological, geo-strategic and geo-political scale”, has expressed Noel Damien Foti, founder of Linework. 
Active actions have already started among local communities of El Salvador, the capital of this small yet revolutionary country that has moved important pawns in the global chessboard and has let their voice be heard worldwide: here, the population has welcomed the upcoming revolution of Linework App that, starting with which, starting from primary needs, it is possible to empower people over basic necessities such as an extra discount on medicines, in addition to the use of the instant payment already present within the App.

The main goal of the whole operation aims to the improvement of the diplomatic and legit position of Salvadorian community abroad, creating high-level technological bridges and coordinating a “scientific” tourism towards El Salvador, in order to strengthen the meeting points between traditional and decentralized finance through the active participation of El Salvador government on an operational level, in close contact with the development of the products inside Linework App, until the global launch of the App itself that will take place right in the very core of San Salvador, where today it is ardent the diplomatic and strategic development activity. 

This is the time. This is the place. 

It is time to join the revolution, it is time to join your freedom.

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