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Join Linework Social Network ! It is a platform that provides a unique feature that enables users to select one or multiple locations where their feeds can be visible, making it easier to reach their desired audience.

The Social Network allows its users to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, or customers and allows anyone to create useful and powerful communities to grow users’ own businesses.

Another important goal of The Linework Social Network is to give a voice to everyone, especially to people in difficult geographical and cultural backgrounds facing restrictions, oppression and censorship. Users can select any geographical location where their content can be visible so they can target their audience.

In other words it can have a social, business or political purpose, as the users choose!

The user is able to communicate freely always in respect of human rights principles.

Contents including drugs/ minors / weapons/ cyberbulling/ racial hate/ revenge porn  and the suspicious users, will be blocked from the Linework Social Network throught a specific algorithm.

With Linework App, users can have an integrated experience with a single login, making it convenient and user-friendly. Overall, The Linework Social Network is an innovative and promising platform that offers a distinct feature for targeted communication and community building

Join Linework Social Network!

From now on, in order to create synergy among us, we are waiting for you in Linework ecosystem! It’s important for our community to  grow and consolidate the Linework project.

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