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Linework Live Events

Immerse yourself in the energy of Linework live events, where moments become memories and the world comes alive with unforgettable experiences. Capturing the vibrant tapestry of live events.

A gallery made of great moments. A gallery made of great people.

Festa della Pizza

A slice of pizza and a three-day party to meet up together and find a new world thanks to Linework App. We talked about Social Media, we talked about E-Commerce.
We shared Linework Ecosystem with everybody in a never-ending celebration!

Ran de Milan

Montecorvino Rovella (Italy) - Jul 2023

Passion is the most powerful engine of all. Facing Lake Garda, hundreds of motorcycle riders gathered together to share their passion and find a new way to express it with Linework App. More insights here!

Nigerian Rally

In the beating heart of Africa, one weekend to meet Nigerian Community and get to know Linework App and all its features. Students, families, a whole world ready to create a new future with Linework App. Check it out!

Business games

A day to showcase talent and meet the people behind Linework Ecosystem. Find out more about the first edition of Linework Business Games to recruit the best professionals.

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