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Bridging the Gap from north to south: Meeting Linework Community
Bridging the Gap from north to south: Meeting Linework Community

Who said that technology cannot be a tool to meet your community?

In today’s interconnected world, technology has revolutionized the way we connect with others. However, there’s something uniquely special about taking those virtual connections and turning them into real-life encounters.

This weekend Linework has had the incredible opportunity to meet the vibrant Linework community in person. Two locations, one guest star: Linework App.

From Lazise (Verona) facing Lake Garda to the slope of Mount Raia in Montecorvino Rovella (Salerno), Linework has participated as main sponsor to two very different events sharing the same purpose: share moments (live!), enjoy the weekend and get to know a little more about Linework Ecosystem with some great gifts attached.

Meeting Linework community in real life reinforced the authenticity and depth of the connections we had forged through the app. It reaffirmed the power of technology to bring people together, breaking down barriers of distance and allowing us to create a sense of belonging. The experience left an indelible mark, reminding all of us of the importance of fostering genuine connections both online and offline. It demonstrated that the relationships we cultivate through technology can be as genuine and meaningful as those formed face-to-face. Whether it’s through an app, an online community, or any digital platform, the opportunity to meet the people behind the screens can bridge the gap between virtual and real-life interactions, leaving a lasting impact on both individuals and communities.

So, Linework has embraced the opportunity to meet the faces behind the usernames, to share stories and to create memories. That’s the actual gap to fill, that’s the real value behind Linework App, harnessing the power of technology to enhance various aspects of real life and make significant improvements. 

Linework App gives the community the possibility to build your future with its unique products: create your very own line of work with the upcoming marketplace – Bloop, manage your digital assets and use them to ease your purchases with the Banking Section, share your thoughts and life with the Social Network – Spiral, and join global art community with NFTs. 

In three words: JOIN YOUR FREEDOM!

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