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Le Magnifiche 20 | Volume 1
Le magnifiche 20 cover

We are here today with Cristina Stifanic for the first out offive appointments for the presentation of the first NFT collection dedicated to the women and BTK soccer series. First of all, let’s introduce her: Cristina is a digital andeclectic artist, well know for her art series “Diabolik PopIkon”.

Linework: And now to the pieces: Le wonderful 20. Who are these women? What do they represent?

Cristina: These twenty girls, these “Mona Lisa” as I like to define them, represent, in my imaginary world, the alter ego of the soccer clubs and the cities. I call them Mona Lisa in honour of Leonardo da Vinci, my Maestro for his artistic point of view and his multidisciplinary approach. Each of them has a unique personality: some are dreamy, some are idealist. Once the artist gives birth to a piece of art, the meaning of it gets enriched with the experiences and emotion of collectors from all over the world. Now, I can only explain my experience in realizing them. It has all started 15 years ago, when I got the copyrights of the characters from Diabolik comics, 61 years old this year. The back covers of comics are dedicated to secondary characters of the novel and I’ve spent long days selecting the iconic 20“Mona Lisa” among more than 900 comics, as it was an actual casting. OnceI have found the favourite, I have digitally painted and transformed her in an exclusive NFT for Linework Platform. In my research, I have discovered that many of Italian soccer clubs were born between the end of XIX century and the beginning of XX century: from here the idea of selecting the most vintage back cover of the whole collection rose, as to connect the past of the club to the icon of an era: the great 60’s and 70’s

Linework: The whole collection is an hymn to creativity, which is eccentric, inspired, in short: unique. How did you manage to give a shape to your fantasy and create this women?

Cristina: During my life I have travelled a lot and I have visited all the cities that inspired my Mona Lisa women. I’ve tried to put inside this artistic NFT collection sensations and colours that had moved me during my staying in these wonderful places. My Mona Lisa, the alter egos, can be seen as a tool to explore and represent parts of oneself that would be hidden or unexplored otherwise. The alter ego can also represent a way to create a deeper connection with the community, offering an emotional experience that scrapes the surface. Moreover, under this surface it is possible to find out that lady soccer players do exist and that they are amazing athletes that deserve all our admiration and our support.

Le magnifiche 20 palermo


In 2022, upon request from Italian football C league Lega Pro, I’ve realised an NFT collection dedicated to the four finalist team for Play Offs and Palermo club was one of them. I like to think that the NFT has brought some luck to the club, since it made it to B series.Palermo Mona Lisa likes strolling at dusk, with her dreamy vibe, among the majestic palms of the Royal Palace surroundings. By that hour, clouds get pink, as a symbol of hope, kindness, protection, tranquillity. Victory would have come, just believing in it! Fans believed in it, club believed in it, so much to make these words like a mantra, a hymn for the club rebirth

Le magnifiche 20 frosinone


As soon asI got into the city, I have felt like a fierceness, a pride pulsing inthe air. It was like the city was a living creature, strong and determined, that has built something great among its ancient walls. I have heard the millennial history vibrating in every shade, in every tone. It is in the intense blue of the sky, though, that lays over its parks and hills, and in yellow, symbol of strength and tradition, that the Mona Lisa from Frosinone finds her inspiration.

le magnifiche 20 bolzano


Even in this case, I start with emotion, because they always inspire me, they are my muse.My first impression was to be in a place with lots of facets. Different tongue sand dialects spoken on the streets, the flavours that belong to different cultures create an unique atmosphere. The moment you realise the true greatness of the city is when you look up, though. The majestic Dolomite ssurround the city in a unique white hug, as white as the white collar of thej acket that wraps the Mona Lisa from Bolzano

le magnifiche 20 parma


Courtesy and hospitality of Parmisan people, make everybody that passes from these place sat home.In the portrait I have tried to capture the congeniality, the goliardery, the contagious passion for good food and the smile culture. To me, smile is one of the most authentic aspects of a community and the one that Mona Lisa from Parma shows is open, honest and a little sarcastic.In a word: irresistible.

le magnifiche 20 bari


Bari, known as the “Pearl of the South”, enchanted me with its bright light and the sea breeze that crosses the alleys. I remember that I have felt like a bright pearl protected by its shell. As a legend enthusiast, I could not be indifferent to the ones with sirens and the charm ofMagna Graecia. I have imagined that the unsettling gaze of the Mona Lisa from Bari looked like the one of the siren that asked for a lift to a fisherman. When she got out of the boat, the boy noticed that he had lost his memory and that the siren put as pell on him: the gift of immortality and eternal beauty in exchange for his memory.

Linework: What was the spirit that has brought you to associate this strong and determined women to a world apparently so far from them such as the professional soccer one?

Cristina: I am not an expert of soccer, so I have simply tried to relate to the passion and unconditional love of the supporters towards the team they root for. Twenty Mona Lisas, twenty sweethearts, alter egos of the cities, contaminated with patterns, flavours, perfumes, legends and symbols of the city they belong.The digital twist of shapes, colours and contents cause, in the loof of the observer, a sense of infinite animation of the piece, on whose surface, new identities are binded on the old ones in a succession of new beginnings. Just like the loyalty to the favourite team, renewed and strengthened even after a defeat, there always is the certainty of another game, another occasion tow in.

Linework: And now to the unwanted news.We have linked with a double knot this collection with the fight about violence against women that everyday hits a lot (and too many) of us all around the world. What message would you give to the community that sees your NFTs? What should they do with them?

Cristina: I would give this advice to the community: choose the NFT you like the most, that tells you something, that is special to you with the awareness that, beside collecting a piece that moves you, you are contributing helping girls, women that suffered for violence, giving them a chance to start over with their lives. It is not the first timeI combine my art with charity purposes and I will keep doing it every time I can.There are many reasons for people to choose to do good. Some does it to make a difference in somebody else’s life, some to be helpful, some more because they believe it is important to give something back to the community. Beyond all that, there is that sense of gratification to have helped somebody in difficulty or have improved someone’s life. Besides, this can help developing a sense of connection with others and be part of something bigger.

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